Fruit Remover Demo

Here is a demo of a homebrewn GC game I have been working on. It is a clone of the puzzle game known as the "same game" where you match colored circles to try to clear the screen. I hope to make the final version as fun as the popular dreamcast game that is also a clone of the same game. Fruit Remover was compiled with GCLIB, and has a quit feature, allowing you to load another DOL without rebooting your GC, as long as the loader you used supports it.

A huge thanks goes out to Shariq Ansari for composing the song "Just a little more" for the game. Also thanks to Green Darkness for helping me out with the graphics, they're much better than what I originally came up with.

Picture of Fruit Remover Demo

Download the Demo

Look for the final version here in less than a year or two!