Knuxbine is a program which will allow macintosh users to easily combine their Sonic And Knuckles image with any other genesis image to make use of the Lock on Technology.

Last Updated Janurary 11th, 2002

The unfinished source code to Knuxbine 2.1 has been released. I've decided it would be best to release it so others can hopefully submit fixes or something back to me, instead of waiting over a year for a new release. I no longer have the time to maintain it, and it's pretty much done anyway. In the future I may pick the project up, but for now it's done. Sorry for dissapointment I may have caused. The source was written in REALbasic, and REALBasic is required to view the project files.


Sonic 3 and Knuckles Combine Works

Sonic Special Stages/Sonic 1 3D Works

Any other game Combine for special stage works

Sonic 2 Combine Works!

Easy to use

Supports Balloon Help

Can convert images between SMD and BIN

Can Patch IPS Patches

Can CREATE IPS Patches


Knuxbine 2.0-Download(About 550k)

Knuxbine REALbasic Source-Download(About 225k)