VMUtil 1.2.1

MacVMUtil allows you to work with the dreamcast VMU files on your Macintosh. You can Convert between the DCI and VMS formats very easily, and it will even generate a VMI file for uploading onto the net when converting to VMS. This program also features a VMI editor. Just select a VMI file, and this program will automaticly check it for any problems, and let you edit it's data. You also have the option to only verify your file, or create a new one. When working with an existing file in the editor, VMUtil automaticly saves a backup of the original. If you dont want it, just click the delete backup button in the VMI verify portion of the editor. Version 1.2.1 fixes a bug in the DCI to VMS convertor, and fixes another bug that causes the program to freeze if you try to edit a VMI file which already has a backup. All known bugs are fixed.


VMUtil v1.2.1 - Approx 1MB

This program will run on any Mac with system 7.5 or later. It requires 3MB of ram to be free at the time you run it. It will only use Appearance Manager and Navigation Services if you have them. They are not required.