GDIBuilder v1.2

This tool will assist in building .gdi images of a Dreamcast GD-ROM disc. It creates the track03.bin track (and final data track for images with CDDA) to be used in a .gdi. This tool cannot be used for MIL-CD's or tracks intended for a normal CD-ROM.

Download for Windows - Windows XP or newer

Download for Mac - Mac OS X 10.7 or newer

Download for Windows (Command Line) - Windows XP or newer; Compatible with Mono on Linux and OS X.

Technical Details
The primary executable on a Dreamcast GD-ROM (usually 1ST_READ.BIN) must be located at a specifc LBA sector for the disc to boot. According to dissassembly research done by japanese_cake, the required start location must be at least 100 minutes into the disc. This tool was created to make it easier to generate images with the executable in the correct location. On official media, when CDDA is used 150 empty sectors always separate the data and audio tracks on the disc. The tool also accounts for this when generating the data tracks. Finally, the IP.BIN bootsector contains a table of contents starting at offset 0x100. This TOC lists the tracks in the high-density area of the disc along with their LBA offset and track type. This information is written to the bootsector of the generated image.

Version 1.2 added a feature to produce a truncated data track creating a gap in the disc. This allows for smaller GDI images to be created, however the resulting image is not technically valid and may be unsupported by some software or hardware. The option is disabled by default. In the UI it is enabled with a checkbox in the Advanced Options window; in the command line version adding the -truncate argument will enable this mode.

Source Code
The complete source code to the application is available on Github: