MultiPatch patching tool

MultiPatch is an all-in-one file patching solution. With this one program, you can apply IPS, UPS, PPF, XDelta, BSDiff, or BPS patches to files. You can also create IPS, UPS, XDelta, BSDiff or BPS patches. Everything is contained in one application, it is not a front-end and thus does not need to rely on external tools to accomplish the job. This program is for any Mac running macOS 10.7 or later.

Version 1.6.2
Download - Requires macOS 10.7 or newer.
MultiPatch screenshot

Older Versions

Download - Version 1.3 - For Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.6.

Since MultiPatch now requires macOS 10.7 or later, I am providing this older version for users who haven't upgraded or are unable to upgrade to a recent version of macOS. Version 1.3 supports IPS, UPS, PPF, XDelta and BSDiff patches. It does not support BPS patches. If you a running 10.7 or newer, please use the latest version.

License and Source

Note: This program contains code from libraries released under different licenses. See the readme file for details. The application itself is released under the GPL.
Source Code: