Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 Color Themes

This page contains some themes I've released for Visual Studio. These require the VS2012 or VS2013 color theme editor extension. They can be imported by clicking the import button. For normal menus instead of ALL CAPS, refer to your favorite search engine for details about the SuppressUppercaseConversion registry key.

Black Plastic

This is a shiny, plastic-like version of the dark theme that comes with VS2013.

Download - Released February 10th 2015
Black Plastic theme screenshot


The colors in this theme are similar to the UI of OSX 10.9.

Download - Released January 27th 2014
VSX theme screenshot

Visual Studio 2010 Blue Replica

This theme restores Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 back to the colors used in the default theme of Visual Studio 2010. It is different from the blue theme included with VS2102.2 and VS2013. The biggest difference is the return of shading on menus, toolbars and tabs. The goal was to recreate the original theme as accurately as possible.

Download - Released October 31st 2013

VS2010 Blue theme screenshot


This theme was originally inspired by the default Visual Studio 2008 theme, but it evolved into what you see below.

Download - Released August 22nd 2013

VS 2012 Aero theme screenshot