Java Sonic Demo

Arrows - Move Sonic
Space Bar - Jump
S - Disable Sound
D - Toggle Debug Mode

I created this demo for my 2004 Java final project. It was written from scratch in under 2 months, as a basic proof of concept. I am aware there are many bugs in the engine, and it is fairly incomplete. Due to lack of time, I wasn't able to get as much done as I had wanted. Despite this, as a few people expressed interest in trying it, I decided to publicly release the demo here. I do not know if I will ever work on it again in the future, but I request that this demo not be mirrored anywhere else. If I decide never to work on it again, or become unable to offer it here, I will release the classes needed to post the demo elsewhere.

A 700mhz processor or better is reccomended to run this game, although any computer with the latest Java runtime should be able to run it. If the game is not running full speed, try disabling sound.

Source code download - Added June 1st 2006.

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