Of course, almost everything has a story behind it, and this is no exception. A few weeks before the release of Sonic Advance 2 for the Gameboy Advance, I read on a messageboard about someone who wanted to fool people into thinking he had a copy of the game by posting fake screenshots of it, made from preview shots of the real thing. I offered to make a hoax of it, and this is what I whipped up in about 4 hours. I'm releasing it as source code only for obvious reasons. The source itself is very small, but the music is a 1.3MB or so raw PCM file, so it bloats the download. I would've liked to make a game out of it, (and started on one actually last summer) but the system's limitations made it not worth the effort.

Download the source code here. (1.3MB)

This requires the HAM compiler, available at http://www.ngine.de/.