Sonic 3 AIR for iOS and Web TODO List / Known issues

  1. Make first time setup slightly more professional looking.
  2. Game currently allows rotation to portrait mode. This is nice for the file manager, not so much for the game itself.
  3. Trying to switch the video renderer in options to software will soft lock the game. The option will need to be removed because emscripten SDL cannot destroy & create a new window.
  4. If the phone goes to sleep while the inital download is running, the download is disconnected and an exception is thrown. Provide better messaging to the user to let them know the download cannot be interrupted. Maybe make remastered soundtrack an optional download?
  5. The app might freeze when downloading the remastered soundtrack. If this happens, kill the app and relaunch it. Then delete audioremaster.bin via the file manager if it is 0 bytes in size. Restart the game again, then try the download a 2nd time. The 2nd time it will usually pull the file from the browser cache and install instantly.
  6. Game does not start after playing a long time. You need to reboot your phone for the game to launch again.
  7. Performance of the game corresponds to the amount of game data. When more data is installed, the game can stutter more on devices with low memory. This is why the remastered soundtrack is an optional install.
This list is specific to the iOS and Web port.