Trillian Skin Editor - Incomplete alpha + source

Here is a project I started working on in July 2006. I started on it because the only other Trillian skin tool at the time did not provide accurate previews of the various controls that could be edited. I stopped working on it shortly after I noticed that my program had many of the exact same problems that the existing tool had.

I've decided to release the source code in the event that someone wants it. There is no license tied to the code, I only ask that if someone uses it that it may not be sold and that I am properly credited for it.

Included in the archive is a project folder for the NetBeans IDE. The GUI elements (with the exception of the preview pane) were designed using NetBeans GUI editor, so opening the project in that is a plus. Otherwise, it should compile just fine with anything that supports ANT. I've also included a compiled .exe in the dist folder for anyone who wants to run it for some reason.

Download here - 404kb
Source code released January 6th 2007.
Skin editor screenshot